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Fire safety training

Company News
2017/10/24 13:33

Fire safety training "When the fire is good, it is a blessing. If it is not good, it is a disaster." In order to let the employees know more about the fire escape common sense, every employee can establish a fire awareness and truly master the fire safety knowledge. And have the ability to save themselves and rescue each other. On January 19, 2017, the company organized a faculty member to work in the fire prevention center to give us training on smoke prevention and safe travel.



Have a video to understand the hazards of fire and the way to escape.



The instructors brought their own fire-fighting equipment and taught us how to use fire extinguishers and smoke masks.



After just one hour of safety training, the site asked the workshop staff how to prevent smoke, how to escape, and let the workshop staff know the location of the emergency escape door.

Close to the Chinese New Year holiday, let the equipment users in the workshop pay attention to the machine's shutdown and power failure problem, and timely turn off the machine power supply and the water steam valve to make the people run off. Remind workshops and developers to pay attention to the use and storage of various organic solvents.

Fire always exists in our lives. When you are safe and safe, you must be prepared for danger and prevention.