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Corporate Business Etiquette Training

Company News
2017/10/24 13:40

At the beginning of the new year, in order to better establish and shape the good image of enterprises and individuals, and enhance the business etiquette and interpersonal skills of employees, the training of the "Business Etiquette" course organized by the company headquarters was held as scheduled on February 4.

National Senior Professional Etiquette Trainer----Ge Jing, was invited to be the lead teacher of this training. She combined her rich knowledge and experience with the company's actual situation to design the course, focusing on: business etiquette and professionalism, dress and manners, office etiquette, telephone etiquette, face etiquette, etiquette in communication, banquet etiquette and so on.



Classroom practice

China has always been a great ceremonial country. Since its development, etiquette has already contained China's cultural heritage for thousands of years. Easy and flexible mastery of business etiquette can make you feel like a duck in the work, it will not affect your normal work because of your rudeness, and it can also be used as a tool for interpersonal communication.

In the lesson, Mr. Ge quoted the Western scholar Professor Albert Mebrabian's law [7/38/55]:

7%: the content of the conversation (reality);

38% is in the way to help express these words, namely tone (speech tone), body movements (gestures, etc.), expressions (smiles, etc.), etc.;

The proportion of 55% is determined by: You seem to be enough weight, not enough persuasive, and in a word, that is, your appearance, it can be seen that in the professional image, the importance of appearance is better than the inside.

From our hair style, clothing, dressing, accessories to business manners, standing posture, sitting posture, eye etiquette, smile etiquette, gesture etiquette, etiquette, handshake etiquette, business card etiquette, introduction etiquette, introduce each other. Learn how to praise others in the art of speaking, just as the essence of etiquette is that my good intentions convey him to the other party in a proper way at the right time. Most of the time, the other party will transfer it back, so that we form a virtuous circle. .


The business etiquette training gave the company employees an updated and more comprehensive understanding of business etiquette, and also made everyone aware of the importance of business etiquette in their daily work, and improved their personal qualities, which played a very good effect.