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Joint Film Medical breaks the "GPS myth"

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2017/10/24 13:48

For a long period of time, the high-end medical equipment field was almost monopolized by the products of three multinational companies, General Electric, Philips, and Siemens. The English initials of these three companies are G, P, and S, and their monopoly in the medical equipment industry. Known as the "GPS myth". Today, this myth has been broken by a Chinese company called “Link Film Medical”.


Four years ago, many overseas returnees in the medical imaging industry, senior management talents of multinational companies in the industry, and experts and scholars from well-known overseas universities entered the Jiading Industrial Park and founded Shanghai Lianying Medical Technology Co., Ltd., who determined to break high-end medical equipment. The international monopoly in the field has made "China's intellectual creation" go to the world. Today, four years later, when 18 "Link Video Products" were launched across the board, and the performance indicators reached the world's leading level and the price dropped significantly, the international medical equipment industry was shocked.


Zhang Qiang, co-president of Lian Ying Medical, told reporters that the four-year retreat and four years of hard work of Lian Ying are to build "Huawei" in the medical equipment industry and become a world-class Chinese medical equipment company.


The miracle happened because of enough effort


"The miracle in the eyes of others, only after knowing it, but it is the time to stick to the results." This sentence comes from the mouth of a general scientific researcher of Lian Ying Medical, and became one of the famous films, because this sentence Out of the heart of the joint research staff.


Great companies must have great dreams. However, to achieve a great dream, you must not go the usual way. When Lian Ying proposed to enter the high-end medical equipment industry, use independent innovation to break the monopoly, and fundamentally solve the problem of expensive Chinese people to see a doctor, many people are not optimistic about such a dream.


The reality is indeed not optimistic. According to relevant data, the number of PET and PET-CT per million people in the United States is 5, and that of South Korea is 4.12, while that in China is only 0.12, which means that there is huge room for development in the domestic high-end medical device market. people. But these tempting "cakes" did not allow the Chinese to share.


Zhang Qiang said that the highest-end imaging equipment for early cancer and cardiovascular disease examinations was previously only available to a few companies such as General Electric, Philips, and Siemens. These companies have absolute monopoly in the global market and have absolute control over pricing. For example, the same 1.5T NMR is priced at $750,000 in the US and $12 million (6.2090, -0.0006, -0.01%) in the Chinese market. The high purchase cost of the equipment is finally passed on to the patient: in China, the maximum scanning fee for a PET-CT is 12,000 yuan.


On the one hand, monopoly prices of multinational corporations are high, while on the other hand, they are extremely distrustful of domestic brands. The threshold of medical equipment technology is very high. At present, in addition to a few leading technologies such as ultrasound focusing, Chinese enterprises are at the international leading level. In high-tech products, the gap with foreign advanced level is more than 15 years. Looking at the domestic medical device market, the market power of national enterprises is limited, the products are mainly imitation and improvement, and the quality is far from the international big companies. High-end medical testing equipment, even if the price is high, many people still insist on using it.


Such "weird circles" have existed in the field of medical equipment for many years. "We are determined not to take the old road of low quality and low price, and to change the negative image of low quality and low price of domestic medical equipment. In the past 4 years, we have started from the 'negative starting point' and 'highly high', creating many worlds and the first in China. Zhang Qiang said with a happy smile on his face when he talked about the results of the film.


The world's first 96-ring optical guide PET-CT was successfully launched, and the industry's first dynamic multi-level 3.0T MR was officially launched. As of May 14 this year, Lian Ying successfully launched 18 self-developed high-end medical products covering digital X-rays. , X-ray computed tomography (CT) to magnetic resonance imaging (MR) and then to PET-CT. Compared with international brands, the average price of these products has dropped by about 30%, and the price of individual products has dropped by more than 50%. In the trial and clinical trials, the first-class stability has been demonstrated. With excellent cost performance, Lian Ying products have entered many top three hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai, breaking the monopoly of international manufacturers for decades.


"After the launch of our products, multinational companies and their domestic agents can't sit still, and the price of rock-solid products is gradually loosening." Zhang Qiang said that the "linkage effect" has sensationalized the industry.


Innovation requires "walking on two legs"


In the film, "follow" and "beyond" are two major innovation slogans.


Zhang Qiang said that the main body of "following strategy" is the major business units of Lian Ying, but the "following" mentioned here is not simply following the multinational companies, but there are enough innovations.


For example, X-ray machines, CT, magnetic resonance and other technologies have been in existence for decades or even hundreds of years. On this basis, no matter how innovative, the impression of the market is still "follow it." However, there are many innovations that can be tapped in this process. How to do better on the basis of relatively mature technology and better meet the needs of Chinese characteristics? This requires innovation. Just like the relationship between Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 5, a new generation of products can be innovated based on the original technology.


For “Beyond Strategy”, Chen Qun, CEO of Lian Ying Research Institute, said: “The main body of 'Beyond Strategy' is the Film Research Institute. The research institute is based on market demand, and the United Nations [microblogging] internal and external scientific research institutions, universities and medical institutions are concerned. Technology that may be applied to future products, if 'follow strategy' creates a new generation of iPhone6, the overtaking strategy is to produce iPhone7 and iPhone8."


"We like to use the Apple mobile phone as a metaphor. One is because it is easy to understand. On the other hand, because we want a high starting point from the beginning, whether it is intrinsic quality or product appearance, it must be as amazing as Apple's mobile phone." Yu Hao, head of the Joint Photographic Design Innovation Center, said that in the global competition, the company must brand the "China's wisdom" in high-end medical equipment, and also the "Chinese design" gene.


"Why can't an NMR machine be designed like an Apple phone?" has never been mentioned in the industry before, but Lian Ying has boldly advocated cross-border innovation and introduced advanced technology in the field of consumer electronics. Engineers equipped the two medical devices with an ultra-sized "smart" touch screen that integrates clinical work from patient registration, image capture, browsing and image validation, allowing doctors to take a look at the screen. .


“Why does the bed have to give people a cold feeling?” This is another classic “linking question”. Therefore, Yu Yu and her design team introduced the “emotional factor” into the joint photo product. On some inspection equipment, the bed was equipped with an adjustable light and dark environment lamp, which can alleviate the patient's nervousness and facilitate the physician's bias. The foot switch is recognized in a dark environment.


Based on this pursuit of the ultimate spirit of innovation, as of July this year, Lian Ying has obtained more than 1,000 patents. In terms of design links, there are 7 products in the company that have won the highest award in the world industrial design.


Nowadays, international monopoly giants have begun to strategically upgrade with the joint film in the field of medical equipment design. The international influence of “China’s Smart Manufacturing” and “Chinese Design” has begun to stand out.


Gather talents to catch up with international standards


Lian Ying, "shadow" refers to medical imaging equipment, and the word "lian" indicates that the company wants to unite the world's high-end medical equipment elite.


Since its inception, Lian Ying has been a platform for accumulating talent. The original entrepreneurial team, with the same dream, came to Shanghai and came to Jiading. Some of them gave up the high-paying positions of multinational companies in the same industry, and some gave up the tenure of the world-famous higher education institutions. The net worth is only for the rise of China's high-end medical equipment industry.


Professor Chen Qun, CEO of the Lian Ying Institute, has been in the United States for 24 years. When asked if there was any worries about joining the film in the same year, Chen Qun said frankly: "First of all, I really want to do something. I am a tenured professor abroad. Although it is very 'tact', it is also very narrow. Second, it is my trust in the founding team of Lian Ying. I have known the chairman of the company for more than ten years, and I was talking about a few printed PPTs. I think this I am afraid that no one else can do anything, but the Lian Ying founding team can do it."