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R & D Center

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Strong scientific research strength, led by an academician, multiple doctors and masters in scientific research and development, and a number of university academic leaders taking part-time jobs in the company, cooperating with Nanjing University of Science and Technology to establish a doctoral mobile station base, and cooperating with China Pharmaceutical The University of Science and Technology jointly built a pharmaceutical preparations research and development room, and the academicians of the Royal Academy of Sciences jointly built a studio; and established extensive cooperation with a series of famous domestic universities such as Dalian Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Changzhou University. The company has complete equipment: a gel chromatography system [including HPLC-Mass instrument, automatic sampling instrument, differential detector (to determine the concentration of polymer) and multi-angle light scattering detector (to determine the molecular weight of polymer materials)], Nano homogenizer, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), liquid mass spectrometry (LC-Mass), gas mass spectrometry (Gc-Mass), ultraviolet analyzer (UV), 400M nuclear magnetism (NMR) .

R & D capabilities

At present, the technical department is mainly engaged in the research and development of sodium hyaluronate derivatives and APIs. In addition to conventional organic synthesis, the technical department can also perform various special unit reactions such as anhydrous, oxygen-free, low-temperature, and unstable compound operations. Good experimental conditions and complete testing equipment enable the technical department to carry out various chemical synthesis experiments from gram level to kilogram level and small-scale trials of new products, and assist the production department to complete the commercial production of multiple products.

Future development

The technical department takes the promotion of the company's strategic development as the goal, and meets the market and customer-oriented needs as the guide. We emphasize development speed and quality, vigorously develop in the field of sodium hyaluronate derivatives, and develop a series of pharmaceutical products that benefit the public. At the same time, the Ministry of Technology continues to strengthen contacts and communication with many well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies, strengthen cooperation with well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and exchange experimental technology and share resources. At the same time, the company is equipped with a complete market promotion system, based on product quality, Jianji expands brand promotion, and always adheres to the firm ideal of "making mankind healthier and life more beautiful".

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