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Changzhou City, the international demonstration effect led medical equipment to upgrade

Company News
2017/10/24 21:57

1This time, the international medical device Changzhou City Wujin Economic Development Zone located in the project, it has been a strong challenge from Suzhou. In fact, from the industrial maturity, number of enterprises and quality point of view, are ahead of Suzhou, Changzhou, Changzhou Why more popular, and eventually got the only province through the Provincial Food and Drug Administration approval of medical devices City project ?

Food and Drug Administration in the District Secretary Zhang Huiliang seems, at least two main reasons. First, the bio-pharmaceutical industry is Changzhou "second five" focus on the development of pillar industries. Last year, the city has 251 medical device manufacturers, accounting for 13.5% of the province, of which more than half of business is disposable medical devices, the country has two syringes of 10 companies in Wujin.

Second, Suzhou Medical device industry mainly depends on foreign capital, which capital can not join forces to create a Medical City; Wujin strong private capital, private medical enterprise development, the Yixie City project "Hukouduoshi", is Wujin printing is the result of a strong joint efforts of private enterprises .

Aspect Three

Demonstration effect of driving the transformation and upgrading.

Changzhou International Medical City project development objective is: "Twelve Five" period, the introduction of medical devices for 500 enterprises, medical device manufacturers of 500 offices and R & D, production, manufacture, processing enterprises 100.

To achieve this goal, Changzhou International Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. will provide full-service city. Through the Logistics Center offers a full range of logistics services, through the Information Center to create online trading platform, sharing of information resources; in the market, the company introduced a marketing industry veteran team of experts to help in the formation of a medical device Yixie big city stores, production and management company for the settled open market.

Settled in the course of business, the government will provide one-stop warm service. City and District Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration in Changzhou City, the establishment of joint international medical device market Medical Devices Association office and the Secretariat to apply for the enterprise product license, product registration card and green channels, providing the best service. Wujin Economic Development Zone has also issued a special "into the city" business incentives.

First-class hardware condition, full service, attracted a number of companies competing settled. At present, 30 companies expressed intentions of which 10 to determine settled.

"Changzhou International Medical City project is the West Lake Industrial Park, the leading international medical engineering the project's presence will not only help the West Lake International Health Industrial Park off, surrounding land use efficiency will drive the multiplier, with the huge industrial demonstration effect, will change the pattern of regional economic development. "Economic Development Zone Party Work Committee of the Medical City Lu Qiuming confidence in the future.