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It’s time to replenish water in the late autumn, and the skin needs to be watered carefully.

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Many people face such troubles"I moisturize every day, why my face is still dry""One face mask every day, it's still powder when putting on makeup..."

Many people face such troubles

"I moisturize every day, why my face is still dry"

"One face mask every day, it's still powder when putting on makeup..."

Obviously made up so much water

My skin is still glowing red




In order to keep the skin supple and smooth

Face masks, lotions, essences, and creams on the face one by one

Still can't save the phenomenon of dry skin




In fact, most people are ineffectively replenishing water

Most of the daily replenishment is instant replenishment

Weak hydrating power, moisture cannot penetrate into the skin

It can't improve the water storage capacity of the skin itself

This kind of hydration is naturally ineffective

If redness, peeling, and sensitivity continue to appear

The moisturizer still feels dry after applying and applying it

Then we have to understand an important skin care concept


The skin barrier broadly includes physical barriers, pigment barriers, nerve barriers, and immune barriers. The narrow sense of skin barriers mainly refers to physical barriers. The skin barriers we usually say are physical barriers.

As the body's first line of defense against external stimuli, the skin has the function of protecting the body from various physical and chemical microorganisms.

Damage to the physical barrier of the skin will cause dry skin, skin aging, atopic dermatitis, eczema, etc...

The permeability of healthy skin barrier is very low, which can prevent the moisture in the skin from volatilizing, and can also prevent the invasion of harmful microorganisms or irritants.


So the first step in skin moisturizing

Is to protect the skin barrier from damage

The most direct way is

Use moisturizing products that strengthen the skin barrier

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