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Don't just wash your face casually. Have you been caught by these misunderstandings about washing your face?

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HELLO~ Xiaokuo lovers!Many people asked Teacher Bi How to get acne? How to shut up? How to fight aging and aging? Teacher Bi wants to tell everyone

HELLO~ Xiaokuo lovers!

Many people asked Teacher Bi

How to get acne? How to shut up? How to fight aging and aging?

Teacher Bi wants to tell everyone

The most basic part is washing your face

If your most basic cleaning method is wrong

Use more and more expensive skin care products in the future

The skin is also prone to problems

Let's take a look at the common misunderstandings of face washing

See how many mines you stepped on?




Before washing your face, you should wash your hands with hand sanitizer to eliminate poison. Because there are actually many times more bacteria on our hands than on our faces, if we wash our faces without washing our hands, some viruses and bacteria will be brought to our faces.

Our facial cleanser generally only has the ability to clean and control oil, but not the ability to sterilize. So if you don't wash your hands, it may cause acne and a series of other skin problems.

Wash your face first with hot water and then cold water

The second misunderstanding




Some pseudo-science teaches you to wash your face with hot water to open the pores and clean it thoroughly; then wash your face with cold water to shrink the pores, which is just serious nonsense.

Wash your face normally with warm water, which is about the same temperature as your own skin, and you will not feel too hot or too cold water. Especially for sensitive skin with obvious redness, don't use this "alternating hot and cold" method.




If you have dry skin and don't feel too greasy on your face in the morning, just clean it with warm water is enough. Excessive cleaning will destroy the stratum corneum structure of the skin, resulting in impaired skin barrier capacity and becoming more sensitive.

And when the face itself is already relatively dry, using cleansing products will only cause your skin to become dry.

If you have oily skin and still have a certain greasy feeling on your face in the morning, you need to use a certain cleansing product, and use a milder amino acid cleansing. The cleansing power is good and mild.

Our skin itself has a process of growth and aging. The aging stratum corneum cells will naturally fall off. Most people's skin is relatively healthy and does not need the so-called deep cleansing.

If you have rough skin, use an exfoliating product once a week to two weeks.




Avoid these misunderstandings about face washing

Wash your face effectively

In order to provide convenience for subsequent skin care

If your skin feels dry after washing your face

Don't forget to put on a mask

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